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Company History


Mondex Corporation was established in 1993 to help beneficiaries with the recovery of looted and unclaimed assets.  


With the emergence of the Washington Conference on Holocaust-Era Assets in 1998 Mondex began to invest a great deal of time, effort and expense in developing both the means and methods of helping beneficiaries with the recovery of fine art, which was looted from their families during the Second World War.


Today, Mondex’s multilingual and international team of historians, provenance researchers and legal experts work together to help clients recover valuable works of art and other assets, that were either looted during the Second World War or which were more recently left unclaimed.


Mondex’s company name, is derived from the Latin word for world "mundus" combined with the suffix "ex" representing "excellence" and reflects our mandate to provide exceptional services worldwide.


Mondex’s core values are Integrity, Intelligence, Justice, Creativity, Compassion and Persistence.  Mondex’s team of professionals takes pride in helping its clients obtain the justice and satisfaction that they rightfully deserve.

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