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Client Testimonials


Mondex Corporation has grown steadily by serving the needs of our clients. Our professionals have recovered important assets for thousands of beneficiaries all over the world.  Here we reproduce correspondence and pictorial documents sent to us from clients who have taken the time to comment on their experiences with our firm.  Names have been abbreviated to protect the privacy of these individuals.

“I was most impressed with the professionalism shown by your company… and express my appreciation to your staff and you for having successfully completed the project which you undertook on behalf of my firm.”

   -  R.D.Duckworth., Attorney at Law, New York, New York, US

“From the first contact I had with James Palmer and Mondex, I have been pleasantly surprised. I was surprised that they found me, I was surprised that they offered expertise in areas in which I was unfamiliar, and I was surprised and pleased that their stance toward me was friendly, competent, and still personal. I am informed that their efforts on my behalf are actually bearing fruit, and I look forward to more supportive contact from James and his associates.  All the best..” 

   - M. A. H. Boca Raton, Florida, US

“I know something of research and your work and your staff’s work is monumental and obviously effective. You and your staff have done exactly what you said you were going to do in an up-front and honest way. How rare and pleasant that integrity is!” 
- L. B. L., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you for all your efforts in winding up the estate of my dear first cousin …, who I truly feel I know now only because of all the precious photographs, some personal belongings and your kind thought of forwarding her diaries and other personal papers.” 
- M.P., Bateau Bay, New South Wales, Australia

“With thanks, I have received your cheque … to receive that was indeed a happy surprise. Whenever someone offers money one waits for the penny to drop. But in the case of Mondex everything is up front and entirely kosher. Another pleasant surprise.” 
- L.L., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your very professional and competent handling of the issues... I was certainly ignorant of your organization, and as a senior police officer somewhat skeptical. The skepticism and ignorance were quickly removed…I would certainly recommend you and your organization to anyone without equivocation.” 
- P.W., Oakville, Ontario, Canada

“I am truly amazed that your company traced me or my relatives... thank you for the efficient way you and your staff handled everything and the personal touch you imparted with all correspondence.” 
- V.M., New South Wales, Australia

“Thank you very much for the interesting letter and documents you have sent to me. It was a great surprise for me and my family when I changed your check to Polish zloty! … Your staff made hard and successful work indeed. Congratulations and thousand thanks for you all.” 
- L.M., Tarkow, Poland

“I wish to thank you all for a job well done. If you and your staff did not go to all the trouble of finding all of us, we would not have known the joy of receiving this gift of money. I can never say enough to express all of your time in bringing this matter to a close. Your service was excellent and all the phone calls and letters kept us all up to date on this matter.” 
- B.B., Sterling, Connecticut, USA

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for locating me as beneficiary for… I must tell you that the cheque arrived on Friday the 9th, the best anniversary gift a gal could have… I was married…60 years on the 11th of March. We had a celebration and invited our friends.” 
- J. B., Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you very much for the check we recently received …The enclosures, including the financial statement and the Transactions of the Find Report, are illustrative of the enormous and painstaking research that was necessary to locate and provide these funds for the surviving family members and we are grateful to you and your staff for your efforts. Please convey to your staff our thanks for the thoroughness of their work and the professionalism in the way it was handled.” 
- D.C., Naples, Florida, USA

"My first introduction to this firm was a telephone call from my sister Catherine.  We have had correspondence and telephone calls since that day, always one step forward.  Any member of Mondex I spoke to was very helpful and polite, I trust I was too!  This has been a very enlightening experience and certainly not one ever expected.  For nearly two years it has been, then we are what now and when?  Each step a total surprise. Thanks for doing such a good job.  P.S. This card says how I feel. Was beyond my wildest dreams.  Also thank you for the wonderful genealogy.

-  R L., Ontario, Canada

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