Estate Restitution

Mondex helps estates, heirs, beneficiaries recover art and assets looted, lost or stolen during the second world war.

International Genealogical Research

In some instances the whereabouts or details of some of the branches of a family may be unknown or uncertain. Mondex can help by determining such family history facts and helping to prove the entitlement of the beneficiaries.


International Probate Research 

It is often the case that the descendants of a family member who was despoiled during the Second World War may be unaware of the existence or location of a Will that may govern the distribution of any recovered artworks. In other instances the heirs of the despoiled person may have post-deceased and in such cases their Wills may be required in order to proceed with the distribution of a recovered artwork. In these instances Mondex is able to search internationally for Letters of Probate, Certified Wills and for Letters of Administration in order to expedite the recovery process and to ensure that each family member receives their rightful share of their inheritance.


Vital Statistic Documents

To help prove the entitlement of its clients the relevant birth, adoption, marriage, divorce and death certificates can often be required.  Mondex typically obtains, collates, translates and certifies such documents on behalf of its clients, when and where required.


Legal Research 

Mondex’s in-house legal counsels conduct legal research in Canada as well as in other countries to help address any legal questions or challenges that may arise. Mondex’s legal counsels are also often involved in the preparation of statutory declarations (affidavits) as well as with obtaining and organizing the various exhibits required to prove the entitlement of Mondex’s clients to the family’s despoiled works of art. As Mondex’s legal counsels have extensive experience in this field, together with extensive experience in fine art, Mondex is able to provide an excellent level of service in both an efficient and expeditious manner. In addition any such evidence found and used by Mondex is typically translated, certified and organized by Mondex for use in our clients’ claims.

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By conducting genealogical research and assembling records of births, marriages and

deaths, Mondex Corporation has purported to   locate individuals and/or estates...

Asset Research

One of the other benefits of retaining the services of Mondex is that Mondex is able to help its clients with the recovery of other assets, other than those which may already be known to the client.  This has a financial benefit to our clients and the research, related to such assets searched, can also yield important answers that can be helpful with the search for the initially claimed assets.



Mondex is proactive in protecting the rights of its clients by conducting the research necessary to locate the estate's assets and by ensuring that the party from whom the funds are being sought pays all of the funds, which are lawfully payable.



In some instances litigation may be necessary in order to recover the assets of an estate. Over the years Mondex has assembled an excellent team of lawyers in several countries who cooperate to help Mondex’s clients recover all of the assets that are payable to them, which can be feasibly recovered.


Forensic Accounting 

An experienced accounting team is crucial to ensuring that our clients receive all of the funds to which they are entitled. In many instances Mondex has recovered 100% more than what was initially offered to our clients by some Trustees and governments. Such experience brings excellent value to our clients who would often be otherwise unaware of the full extent of their entitlement without such a thorough and forensic, financial examination.

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Mondex Corporation and The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (Estate Trustee without a Will of the Estate of Katherine Luft)

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