Our Team of Specialists

Kamila GourdiePresident, Mondex Corporation

Kamila Gourdie is a multi-lingual corporate strategist and business development specialist who has lived and worked throughout Europe, Russia, North America and Asia.  


Ms. Gourdie started her career with Mondex in 1996 in a role of forensic genealogist and case analyst and worked in various archives, museums and government organizations world-wide. 


After completing her International Masters of Business Administration (IMBA) degree Ms. Gourdie worked as a business consultant advising on business development and corporate strategy to management and boards of directors. 


In 2004 Ms. Gourdie was appointed the President of Mondex Corporation and continues to manage the company and its operations.

Mondex helps estates, heirs, beneficiaries recover art and assets looted, lost or stolen during the second world war.

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