The Financial Times: Father Figure – Chagall looted by Nazis goes on display

Stephen Chung

Friday October 7, 2022

A Chagall portrait of his father stolen by the Nazis and now part of French government’s restitution efforts is put on display at Phillips auction house in London yesterday.

“Le Pere” was owned by a Polish violin maker who survived Auschwitz. It was seized from him and its whereabouts were unknown for many years. When Chagall reacquired it for himself, as it was such an important work for him personally.

France is taking action to restitute works back to the families of Jewish people whose homes were looted in the second world war. Of the 15 works being restituted, “Le Pere” is the first to come to auction.

Estimated at $6mm to $8mm, it will be sold in New York in November.