In addition to our primary Artwork Restitution and Advocacy work Mondex serves the general public by…

  • Keeping important restituted artworks available for public viewing.
  • Educating people about the Holocaust.
  • Educating law students about restitution claims.
  • Helping complete the provenance for artworks in museums and private collections.

Restitution Success Rate *

organizations we have cooperated with to complete important restitutions:
organizations we have cooperated with to complete important restitutions:
Mondex's valued clients benefit from our outstanding success rate in returning artworks to which they have rightful claims. Our clients reap the rewards, not only of our superlative track record, but of our team's expert knowledge and skills, developed over more than 25 years, and our unparalleled commitment to our clients.
We are honoured to have completed several successful restitutions with a large number of museums, government organizations, institutions and private individuals world-wide, and to have found just and fair restitution solutions for our clients, which preserve their dignity and protects their human rights.
*Success rate based on filed claims as of 2023 (rate may change).

Artwork Restitution

Mondex helps its clients with both the recovery of fine art and other assets, which were looted during the Second World War, and is also involved with the recovery of unclaimed estates.

Restituted to the heirs of the Lewenstein family
A Child on a Farmyard in Staphorst
Jan Sluijters
Restituted to the heirs of Max Braunthal
Le Drame
Honoré Daumier
Restituted to the heirs of Therese Benjamin
Still life of fruit with flowered fabric and vase
Emil Orlik
Restituted to the heirs of Jacob Lierens
The Aunts Go on a Journey
Alexander Hugo Bakker Korff
Restituted to the heirs of Robert Bing
La Ronde Enfantine
Gustave Courbet
Restituted to the heirs of René Bloch
Loth and his Daughters
Alessandro Turchi


Mondex is proactive in protecting the rights of its clients by conducting the research necessary to locate works of art that were looted from its clients and by liaising with police and government agencies, institutions, museums, auction houses and other organizations in order to ensure the efficient recovery of such important works of art.