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What We Do


Mondex helps its clients with both the recovery of fine art and other assets, which were looted during the Second World War, and is also involved with the recovery of unclaimed estates.


Mondex provides its clients with all of the services they will need to enable a successful recovery; from multinational, historic and provenance research services to obtaining the evidence and the documents required to help prove their claim. 


Mondex also translates and arranges to certify such documents when required and its legal counsel assemble such evidence and documents and provide the legal research necessary to help establish a very compelling claim.  As many claims require legal work to be done in multiple jurisdictions Mondex helps coordinate all of the international legal work necessary to help manage the legal complexities of making claims in multiple jurisdictions, thereby giving our clients the best chance of making a claim that is ultimately successful.


When the recovered assets consist of looted art Mondex arranges for the physical recovery of such art, its insured transportation and storage as well as the sale of such assets through internationally well known auction houses or through highly reputable dealers.

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