Katharina Manteufel, MA

Katharina Manteufel is a provenance researcher based in the Netherlands. Her work for Mondex finally allows her to combine her love of art and sense of justice with her work as a researcher.

She obtained her degrees in History (BA) and Cultural History (MA) from Utrecht University, developing an interest during her studies in the history of charity and mental health care in the early modern Low Countries. She graduated with highest distinction in 2012, with an MA thesis that won the Utrecht humanities faculty prize for the thesis with the greatest societal relevance and that was shortlisted for the national IISG-Volkskrant thesis award.

Before joining Mondex Katharina worked at Leiden University, conducting research in intellectual history and teaching undergraduate courses. Her dissertation project investigated the socialization of German humanities scholars from the late 19th century into the 1930s, focusing on professional ethics and mechanisms of academic selection and exclusion. She is passionate about historical and archival research and keeps in touch with academic practice by providing coaching for students’ theses in the humanities.