Dr. Waldemar H. de Boer

Dr Waldemar H. de Boer is an art historian who specializes in provenance research.  He works closely with Mondex’s team of provenance researchers who have resolved several complex and challenging looted art cases where we have recovered proof of ownership of artworks, which were despoiled during the Second World War and during other periods of persecution.  Waldemar is knowledgeable of international restitution policies and procedures and counsels his colleagues in this challenging area.  In addition to his native language Dutch, he also speaks Italian, English and reads German .

In the past, Waldemar worked in Florence, Italy, as a researcher at the Dutch University Institute for Art History, and as a Renaissance art teacher at the Institute at Palazzo Rucellai.  He has also conducted provenance research at several essential archives and libraries about European, looted art in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Rome and in several other cities.

Waldemar attended the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands, where he obtained both a master’s degree and a PhD in art history.  The subject of his dissertation was the publication I gioieli pittoreschi by Marco Boschini from 1676, a guidebook about paintings in the city of Vicenza, Italy.  Waldemar also published an annotated edition of the Memorial of Many Paintings and Statues in the Illustrious City of Florence by Francesco Albertini from 1510, which can be considered a prototype for city guidebooks.  In both this book and his dissertation, Waldemar reconstructed the provenance of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque artworks, from the moment of their conception until the 21st century.