Kamila Gourdie, IMBA

Kamila Gourdie is a multilingual corporate strategist and business development specialist who has lived and worked throughout Europe, Russia, North America and Asia.   After completing her International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) degree, she worked as a consultant to mid-sized businesses, advising on matters of international expansion and corporate strategy. 

In 2004, Kamila became President of Mondex Corporation, responsible for the management of the company and its global operations — a role she considers an honour due in no small part to the passion and commitment of her dedicated colleagues.

Kamila began her career in art restitution in 1996 as a forensic genealogist, conducting research in archives and museums, in cooperation with numerous governmental organizations around the world.  

Kamila is an active Toronto business community member, serving on Boards of Directors as well as in advisory roles to non-profit organizations.