Gabe Juszel, HBA

Gabe’s passion for film/cinema and love of documenting and preserving our past while establishing context for future reference, were honed during his time at Carleton University.

While pursuing his degree, he worked within the film department, archiving rare 16mm film prints as well as cataloguing and reorganization the University’s large 16 and 35mm prints, amongst other various duties for the department.

His love for archival research and preservation was cemented when he worked at Library and Archives Canada, in what was once the Audio-Visual Acquisition and Research Section.

From 1998-2004, Gabe then began a career behind the camera as an Assistant Director with the Director’s Guild of Canada, in good standing.

From 2004-2016, Gabe began a fruitful tenure with the Internet Archive, and was tasked to set up, expand and cultivate Canada’s largest mass digitization effort. From 1 machine to 18 and managing a staff of 57, the Toronto Scanning centre (University of Toronto Campus) Gabe and his team, digitized more than 550,000 texts, encompassing rare and unique archival collections as well as public domain texts from across Canada (Over 250 individual and unique partnerships from Universities, Colleges to public and private institutions etc.…). He also developed and managed a satellite scanning center at the University of Alberta.

In 2021, Gabe then became the Digital Preservation Manager with Mondex.