James Palmer, HBA, MBA

James Palmer was born in Toronto, Canada and established Mondex Corporation in 1993. Driven to do work of meaning, he ensured that Mondex was in a position to help families who had lost their property. Then, in 1998, encouraged by the international endorsement of the Washington Principles, James worked to develop Mondex’s expertise to include the restitution of looted art and other cultural property.

Since then, James has spoken about the restitution of looted art at numerous seminars in Canada, the United States and England. He has also continued to add to the field by contributing his perspective to newspapers and magazines and appearing on television.
James completed his studies at the Canadian universities of York, Laurentian and Western, as well as the University of Nice in France and Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. He holds an Honours BA and an MBA, and currently acts as a consultant for Mondex.